Principles of Unity.

We work to re-imagine & lay the foundations for a scientific world that resists capitalism, fascism, imperialism & colonialism in order to dismantle imperialistic scientific hegemony.

We believe in Science for the liberation of all peoples.

To this end, we are fiercely Pro-Black, Pro-Palestine, Pro-Queer & Pro-Indigenous Rights & Knowledge.

Fight against the use of science that encourages any form of racism, ableism, sexism, queerphobia & transphobia.

Support the prison & police abolitionist movements & work to abolish the role of science in upholding the military-prison-industrial complex.

Dismantle the racism, ableism, sexism, queerphobia, and transphobia at the foundations of science, academia & health-care.

We believe in Science that is principled in maintaining our holistic health & well-being to create a just world.

We believe that healthcare & housing are inalienable human rights.

Educate ourselves so that our communities can grow autonomy over their health and sustainability through an anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist lens.

Resist the capitalist dictates of big-Pharma & patents that aid in the oppression of community health & scientific knowledge

Struggle with movements that correct the racial & socioeconomic health disparities that are created by food deserts, gentrification & the racist war on drugs.

We believe in Science that returns the means of knowledge production back into the hands of workers.

Acknowledge Indigenous communities’ inseparable connection to the land, respect their ancestral knowledge for tending to our earth, & support their right to reparations.

Struggle with fellow workers movements & support class-struggle unions*

*cop unions don’t count – ACAB.

Promote & generate open-source tools in science that allow any person to have the accessibility to information as a means to tear down the gate-keeping in education.

We believe in Science functioning outside of the current imperialistic framework