Mission Statement.

Who are we? 

We are an independent Scientific Workers Collective (SWC) dedicated to returning the means of knowledge production back into the hands of workers in the fight for freedom for all peoples.

Mission Statement

The scientific process is not an abstraction, but rather a labor that can be used to obtain liberation from oppressive forces. As scientific workers in the United States, we are fueled by our imagination of a future where communities facing systemic violence reclaim their power and live with ample resources, dignity, and respect.

In doing so, we are inextricably fighting against all forms of injustice and firmly retain the belief that a world free of colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism is possible.

Who are scientific workers and what are our points of action?

Scientific workers range from students, medics, technicians, agricultural workers, and hazardous waste collectors, all of whom are at the forefront of production of basic knowledge and/or material goods. 

Historically, scientific workers in the United States have been involved in destabilizing communities led by Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) all over the world through the exploitative nature of agricultural corporations, the pharmaceutical industry, and military “defense” technology.

Ironically, scientific work is also intimately related to historical and dialectical materialism, or the notions that our mental and physical state, historical events, and actions are all consequences of our social conditions. If our social conditions favor white supremacy and wealth, leaving the majority of us outside of this category, this contradiction will bring about consequences that are a direct result of our material conditions. The scientific method is just one example of the materialist approach that scientific workers must practice in order to observe, quantify, and analyze the world around us. Despite this relationship, scientific work has become more and more detached from its intrinsic materialist identity, resulting in our dissociation as scientific workers to a materialist analysis of our role in society.

As part of the SWC, it is our mission to (1) transfer knowledge from the academic ivory tower to the public, (2) struggle alongside communities fighting against systemic violence, (3) use a materialist approach to analyze the failures and successes of revolutionary movements, and (4) put our scientific analysis into practice by building towards a future free of colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism.

What is Revolutionary Science?

“All revolutions follow principles which are scientific. If they’re scientific, it means they are universal and abiding.

“What I mean by scientific is that knowledge which can be held up to light and proven.”

“Revolutions are governed by laws of science and understanding those laws of science will help us master revolution.”

Kwame Ture

Science is not a noun, but a verb.

We call on anyone, scientific worker or not, to take action and join us.