Accountable & Actionable Science.

As scientific workers who are responsible for the production of knowledge and novel material goods in the United States, we are made implicit in the imperialist and capitalistic agendas of this nation. Whether that is involvement, intentional or otherwise, in the development of warfare technology that aids in the destabilization of oppressed nations or the creation of patents that further the colonial mission of agricultural corporations like Monsanto, we all have a responsibility to divest the sciences from colonial and capitalistic motivations.

As such, it is our mission to (1) transfer our knowledge to the public, tearing down the academic ivory tower brick by brick, to (2) learn from and struggle alongside communities from oppressed nations, to (3) use an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial scientific approach to analyze the failures and successes of revolutionary movements, and to (4) put our scientific analysis into practice by building towards a liberated future free of colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, and all the ways in which they manifest. 


External Education

The External Education Program is dedicated to using our scientific knowledge to enrich our communities holistic wellness through an anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist lens and grow autonomy over our collective well-being by making this knowledge accessible.


The Organizing Program aims to expand the definition of science by considering its role in revolutionary action and how it can be practiced to uplift and struggle with the people on our path to a liberated future

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Science is not a noun, but a verb.

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